Old tradition, new technology.

Available soon to Austin and San Antonio only.
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Now accepting tattoo Artists within Austin and San Antonio areas only. Our team will assist with onboarding!
What we offer
InkLnk is a platform of communication and creativity at the convenience of your fingertips. Our purpose is to build a community between Austin & San Antonio folks and local tattoo artists by making the tattoo search and booking process more efficient and hassle free. Get an estimate, place your deposit and book your tattoo with InkLnk.

  • Pre-paid deposits

  • Contactless consultations
  • Free viral marketing

  • Easily customizable portfolio

  • Short quiz to better understand your pricing

  • Exclusive access to potential clients in LA


  • Easily pay deposits through app

  • Exclusive use of our interactive body estimator (patent pending)

  • Access to artists in Austin & San Antonio
  • Effortlessly search through quality artists from ANY location
  • A platform dedicated to creating your next tattoo 
"InkLnk fills a major gap in the market for tattoo artists who want to streamline the process of finding and communicating with clients."

— The Los Angeles Herald
"More importantly, clients can use InkLnk to obtain an estimate for the work they’d like to have done and to book an appointment."

— Beverly Hills Magazine
"The platform provides a way for artists to get clients booked down the line, months in advance, thus creating an immediate income stream of appointment deposits."

— Pasadena Independent