InkLnk is a free mobile app that will allow tattoo clients to seek out tattoo artists, browse their portfolios, select an artist, get an estimate for the tattoo and book a tattoo appointment, all within the app.


Where can I get InkLnk?

Available on Apple and Google Play

Where will it be available?

Anywhere, but InkLnk will focus initial release in Southern California

How much will InkLnk cost?

InkLnk is free.

Can I advertise with InkLnk?

Not at this time, but you can email us directly at 

Is InkLnk for tattoo artists or just clients?

InkLnk is a tool for tattoo artists to streamline business, and in doing so, InkLnk caters to clients needs.

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Structured Twill Cap

Structured Twill Cap

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InkLnk Samsung Case

InkLnk Samsung Case

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Women’s InkLnk Black Crop Tee

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Long Sleeve Black InkLnk Tee

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Black Hooded InkLnk Sweatshirt

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