Promotion - Think Outside of the Box!

InkLnk is always thinking about the tradition of tattooing and the myriad of ways tattoos have helped people through their lives. Each and every artist out there has an enduring impact on a client’s life through the supreme cultural contribution of art. One of the areas we focus on is promoting your art, which is also your livelihood. We’ve got tips to get your work out there, and today we’re talking about promoting yourself unconventionally.

You don’t have to empty your wallet to promote your art. You can and should use social media to display your portfolio, but have you ever considered doing something outside of the box? For example, hold a contest. Base it on something wild. Perhaps write a handwritten note to a client you haven’t seen in years. Ask them how the tattoo looks that you gave them three years ago. Or maybe do something for charity. Give a free tattoo to the person who donates the most to a charity of choice? Could be sleeping bags for homeless, or bags of dog food for an animal shelter. Anything, really. Not only would you be doing a good thing for the world, but you may generate media attention as well. Tattooers for world peace! Email us at we’re happy to think through some tips that are relevant to your situation.

Hope this short blog gets exercises your mind to think outside of the box and lend a hand to a tattooed world.