The Case for Instagram Stories

You’re not just a tattoo artist, you’re a brand. Your name, your work, even your clientele reflect what you stand for as a brand. There are many ways to reach large audiences on social media, but Instagram Stories is taking the lead in both ease of use and audience reach. Think of Instagram Stories as your own personal channel, without all the noise that other platforms sabotage your content with.

The Case for Instagram Stories |

It’s extremely easy to use, here are the basics:

1. Go to your profile feed and tap your icon
2. Scroll around bottom to select the type of post you want
3. Add content
4. Tap add your story

You can add filters and all that jazz. Always #hashtag your Stories and that goes the same for regular Instagram posts. Whatever you post to Stories, post something daily.

To see how many views your Instagram Stories are getting:

1. Tap You along home screen
2. Swipe up

Finally, here are some tips on how to create content that unique:

1. Post exposes on what equipment you are using. Stacked or weaved needles? Etc. What equipment is better suited for shading, or which machines are ergonomic, especially for multi-hour tattoos.
2. What’s it like in your shop? Behind the scenes of you and other artists talking industry politics, etc.
3. Newsflash stuff including tattoo discounts or guest artists.
4. Shout outs to followers, clients or other artists

Be yourself, be creative, show your followers how you are a unique and talented artist by illuminating your talents, boost your Stories, and don’t be afraid to add calls-to-action. Most artists we see post final moments of a tattoo with that wipe or they go live and post the tattooing itself. That’s cool, but there’s always more you can do to stand out from the crowd.

The tattoo industry seems crowded, but realities are that more and more people are getting tattooed. This is one of the few businesses that can withstand recession. All you have to do is get yourself out there, make your work known so you can book that appointment.

More tips from InkLnk in future posts. Remember, content is king!