The Follow-up

Post tattoo follow-ups with your clients are a great way to create a connection, build trust, address problems and potentially book that client again in the future. Your follow-up is a great way to be remembered. Follow-ups aren’t just for second appointments, they are for future tattoos as well. You can follow-up via text, email or a phone call. Opening statements might range from, “I am calling to see how your tattoo is healing,” to, “I want to make sure you were following my aftercare instructions. Do you have any questions?” Follow-ups go above and beyond what most Artists do, and will create a memorable connection between you and your client.

Timing your follow-ups

Timing your initial follow-up could depend of the style of tattoo you gave. If it’s a lil’ banger on a knuckle, call within a day or two. If it’s a chest piece that bled like the red sea, probably best you follow up about five to seven days after. Clients are different and every Artist will have their own idea on maintaining connection.

Creating Connection

A great way to stay in touch with a past client is to send them art that is related to a tattoo they got from you. If you draw something that reminds you of that tattoo, send your old client a note and let them know their tattoo inspired your most recent piece.

Building Trust

Timing and Connection is part of building trust between a client and yourself. If you can show that you are available to talk about a tattoo you gave, and that you are thinking about that client during future tattoos, the learned pattern is that you are a professional artist who obliges the timeless tradition of tattooing. You won’t be forgotten, you won’t be passed up if you are unavailable. Clients will wait for you, book out your calendar further down the line, and even tip more.


Having solid follow up strategies will separate you from the rest. This gives you a distinctive edge. Make the most of your follow-ups and watch your schedule book out.