We’ve Spoken to Hundreds of Clients, This is What They Want

Lucky you (?), InkLnk has collected data from people with tattoos and people without tattoos all over the country. We hit up folks in Winona, we listened to shop owners in Cathedral City. East Coast, Northwest, Midwest, Southerners and beaches from Miami to Los Angeles. We even got some pearls of wisdom from people who would never get a tattoo. We know what people want. Afterall, we’ve spent over three years talking to people. Most people we spoke to had at least one tattoo, and a good number are folks that had loads of work done. We’ve spoken to men, women, trans folks, including age ranges from sixteen to seventy-five. We hit up all all races and tried to reach every culture we could within these 52 United States. We love talking about tattoos-- we’ve done our homework, and we are covered in tattoos at home.

Most of the information we collected is intuitive to anyone who has spent their entire life getting tattooed or tattooing others. But some things stood out. Thought we’d share these outlier comments from clients or potential clients to working tattoo artists (in no particular order).

  • A lot of clients want to know how to alleviate pain.
  • Getting in touch with an artist to book. This can be hard.
  • Cash, really? No other forms of payment?
  • Clients want to see designs first. Even with paid deposit, they want to sleep on it.
  • Booking reminders.
  • Follow ups. What’s up with that? No one checks in about healing or progress.
  • How can you be found? Google? That’s just shops.
  • Across the board people wanted a better idea about pricing/estimates.

What we learned from our research was that for most new or novice clients, getting tattooed was like trying to buy drugs. And for the more experienced, basics like access and pricing are still out of range.

Some lessons from our research:

  • Be transparent
  • Be communicative
  • Upgrade your payment systems
  • Pay for SEO
  • And of course, use InkLnk, which will resolve most of the above!

For tips or help, email support@inklnk.com.