Wrap up your year like a pro and follow these useful tips to ensure 2019 beats 18.

Happy New Years folks! 2018 was a lot of things, but one thing for sure was that self-employment cemented itself as a primary mode of employment. For us in the tattoo industry, that means we were doing things like a lot of other laborers—making a living one day at a time. Before the year ends, the good self-employed people at InkLnk want to remind everyone to wrap up their year like a pro and follow these useful steps to ensure 2019 beats 18:


  1. Follow up on unfinished tattoos. Who is halfway done? Who’s deposits are you holding onto? Call those clients personally and let them know your open schedule. Get them in, complete your work. After all, they represent your talents, make it count!


  1. Get paid. Who owes you money? Sure, there are many ways to collect, but a simple call can remind (or shame) a debtor. It’s worth a shot. What do you have to lose? “Hey buddy, when can you swing by to drop off that $--- for the tattoo?” InkLnk isn’t naïve, we know that people who haven’t paid debts most likely don’t want to, but negotiating an unpaid debt is effective. Anything from discounts for tattoos after debts are paid to percentage of debt forgiveness can get someone in to settle. Some money is better than none.


  1. Send regular greetings to your client list. This isn’t rocket science but wow, very few artists do this. A simple, “How you doing, let’s schedule your next tat.” Wanna make 2019 more profitable? Stay in touch.


  1. Make a semi-legit business plan. It doesn’t have to be a 28 page word document. All it needs is your goals, then bullet points under each goal on how to achieve said goal. Doing/changing stuff is hard, but made much easier by lists of tasks. So, make a list then do it. Done deal.


Happy New Years. There is nothing better than a fresh start. Get it!