What We're Doing


At InkLnk, we had a simple dream: Book a tattoo on your phone.

To create a solution that would allow you to book a tattoo on your phone, we addressed the problems of the tattoo artist first. How could we create a tool that enhanced both art and business for the Artist? How could that tool be used, with ease, by clients who want to discover tattoo artists but don’t want to scour the internet to see portfolios or drive all over town hoping to get an appointment with their chosen artist?

We designed InkLnk, which seamlessly connects Tattoo Clients to Tattoo Artists, by delivering accurate estimates for tattoos using our Artist-driven technology. This eliminates the back and forth contact, simplifies appointment making, but most of all solves our initial quest to book a tattoo on your phone.

InkLnk is free. As we say in the office, we’re happy just to keep it to ourselves. But the network would never grow if you didn’t get a chance to use InkLnk.

Our mission to book a tattoo on your phone, is what drives us to do everything possible to tattoo the world. We do that by creating one-of-a-kind technology, by making InkLnk beneficial to both Tattoo Artists and Tattoo Clients, by working with a creative team and by always talking to our customers about how to enhance the product in ways that impact their lives.

Based in Los Angeles, California, InkLnk is available for download now.